WorkIt Labs is a tech-based nonprofit that enables worker-centered organizations to provide services, support, and organizing opportunities to people working in economically insecure jobs. We co-create digital tools with workers, for workers.

Data & Insights

Our Issue Tracker collects and visualizes data about worker experiences with the aim of exposing systemic workplace issues.

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Enforcement Tools

Our enforcement tools support workers in reporting workplace violations, streamline the collection of information and evidence, auto-populate complaint and grievance forms, and support the tracking of enforcement outcomes.

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GenAI Chatbots

Powered by Generative AI, our chatbots scale personalized support for workers trying to make sense of complex contracts and policy documents while connecting them to helpful resources.

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Consulting Services

We work with worker centers, unions and other pro-worker organizations who need support with product strategy and roadmapping, technical expertise, and/or UX/UI design.