Making work
work for everyone.

WorkIt Labs, a project of The Workers Lab, is dedicated to elevating the voices of working people to ensure industry leaders and policymakers provide jobs that lead to a safe and economically secure life. WorkIt Labs builds products that provide people working in low wage jobs with direct access to actionable information, collective support, and trusted communities, using cutting edge technology. We co-architect technology-focused solutions to address workplace challenges alongside people working in low wage industries. We envision a society where people can invest in themselves, their futures, and their communities.

Our Vision:
An equitable society where working people thrive.

We believe every worker deserves to thrive. That means being able to get ahead, support their families, and work with dignity. Our purpose is to give workers the power to create that future.

Our Mission:
We design, develop, and deliver technology that puts power in the hands of workers.

What We do

We give Workers the tools to make work equitable and the opportunity to co-design solutions tailored to their challenges and experiences.

We give Worker Centers, Unions, and other organizations the platform and support to completely revolutionize and modernize their operations.

We give Partners access to
cutting-edge technology, unparalleled insights, and a robust worker-centered network.

Our Values

at the center.

We are built on a belief in the value of work, and in power and dignity and for all Workers.

Equity for

We are driven by the desire to create equity, inclusion, and opportunity for all people.

is power.

We are fueled by the power of connecting people, organizations, information, and resources.

at the pulse.

We are obsessed with pushing boundaries and staying on the pulse of work and technology.

Integrity to
the mission.

We are relentless in our commitment to the mission, guided by purpose, transparency, and empathy.


Cat Huang


Madeleine Case

Managing Director

Oren Goldberg

of Engineering

Alison Veith

Director of
User Experience

Darlene Moreno


Nancy Yao


Ankita Chatterjee


Founding Board

Tracy Williams

Board Member

Kay Fernandez Smith

Board Member

Lesly Payne

Board Treasurer