Leverage GenAI technology to scale workers’ access to information about workplace rights and policies

Powered by Generative AI, our chatbots scale personalized support for workers trying to make sense of complex contracts and policy documents while connecting them to helpful resources.

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Scale personalized support.

With our chatbots, organizations can scale personalized support to meet the diverse needs of their worker base. Our GenAI delivers tailored responses and resources in real-time, ensuring every employee feels supported through workplace inquiries.

Surface and summarize complex information.

Our chatbots utilize GenAI to surface and summarize key information from complex contracts and policy documents. This enables workers to quickly access relevant information.

Generate insights about worker experiences.

Our chatbots generate data analysis and insights about worker experiences based on interactions, feedback, and trends. By uncovering underlying patterns, organizations can identify systemic issues and push for change in the workplace.

Let's change the industry.

We work closely with each of our partner unions and organizations to build a customized solution that is tailored to their specific needs. Set up a demo to learn how we can support your organization.

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