We are working towards a world where we can ALL live and work with dignity.

WorkIt Labs builds tools using cutting edge technologies to help worker centered organizations provide services,  support, and organizing pathways to people working in economically insecure jobs.

Our Tools

WorkIt App

WorkIt leverages machine learning to provide fast and trusted answers to workplace questions through a downloadable mobile chat interface.

Our Issue Tracker collects and displays crowdsourced workplace issues through a simple to use, mobile first web interface

Communities of Care are a collection of tools that create safe digital spaces for people to support one another at work, connect people to resources, and give organizers real time listening tools.

Our Global Partners


"[WorkIt] takes care of the needs that the worker has, while simultaneously streamlining the time needed to meet that need, which is very valuable -- we only have so many hours in the day."
-- Digital Organizer
"It’s [WorkIt] a unique product and is not just off the shelf we try to hack."
--Organizing Director @ United Workers Union
“We saw it [WorkIt] as valuable to begin with because of the fact that the Amazon population has been so difficult to get a hold of and so massive. The pandemic and the restrictions constantly being ratcheted up has only augmented that. So, I'd say extremely valuable prior and now with the latest pandemic developments -- is there an adjective above extremely?" -- Executive Director
“Just spoke to a worker who used Expert advice + PayChecker [tool in WorkIt]
to stand up to his boss and get what was his! Big win…”
-- Organizer @ HospoVoice
“They [WorkIt] give clear answers and make sure everything is okay”
-- Walmart Associate using WorkIt
“We really did not know how the COVID tracker would be received and adopted by our members and other Texas public school employees. But nearly 3,300 reports later, we have been able to use this tracker as an organizing tool and a platform for advocacy. On social media and through email and peer-to-peer texting, we have shared tracker results and encouraged our 66,000 members to report safety concerns and violations to the tracker.” -- Digital Organizer @ Texas AFT
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