Crowdsource data to catalyze industry-wide change

WorkIt Labs’ Issue Tracker transforms access to data on the issues most impacting people in low-wage jobs.

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Our partners use the Issue Tracker to support workers worldwide.

“We've really been using the Aged Care Watch Tracker tool to amplify our digital strategy to really reach aged care workers all across Australia, track understaffing issues across the whole country, and really raise public awareness for the issue as well as using it as an organizing tool to reach new members.”

- Linda H., Senior Digital Campaigner, UWU

Create opportunities for workers to take action and share their story.

Craft multiple customized reports to collect stories and data about priority issues.

Gain insights into industry trends and hotspots.

Explore various worksites and view worker-submitted reports and trends over time.

Expand reach and membership by creating new pathways for engagement.

Access the Admin Portal to manage reports, follow up with new contacts, and view trends across worksites.

Let's change the industry.

We work closely with each of our partner unions and organizations to build a customized solution that is tailored to their specific needs. Set up a demo to learn how we can support your organization.

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